The Advantages and Disadvantages of Utilizing Pellet Stoves

Pellet burning stoves are those that utilize compacted sawdust, corn or cherry pits as fuel. This means a tree isn’t cut down to heat your home. Since more homeowners are more energy conscious they are using pellet stoves more. There is a dual purpose for this phenomenon: 1) Conserving the earth’s resources and 2) Saving money on energy costs.

There are many advantages in using these kinds of heating units.

Advantages of Pellet Burning Stoves

Convenient – For those with a fireplace or existing stove they are a convenience since there’s no wood to chop or gather. The wood pellets, cherry pits and corn are easy to use stove repair los angeles.

Efficient – Pellet burning fireplace and stove units burn more efficiently than their larger counterparts that burn wood. Even a small unit can warm more space than most traditional fireplaces.

Safety – They are much safer than traditional wood burning options, especially where children are involved.

Easy Cleanup – Unlike the cleanup process you get from wood burning units pellet stoves make cleanup faster and easier with less ash and residue.

Clean Burning – Wood burning fireplaces can become harmful to the air quality in your home. That’s where pellet burning units have the advantage. Corn, cherry pits and wood pellets are clean burning fuel sources.

Temperature Control – Most of these pellet burning units have digital temperature control that allows you complete control of how warm you keep your home.

Environmentally Friendly – The pellets used with this kind of heating unit are made from sustainable resources (previously mentioned) that are easily accessible without cutting down trees.

With the advantages also come some disadvantages you need to consider before shopping for pellet stoves.

Disadvantages of Pellet Burning Stoves

Cost – The biggest of all disadvantages is the cost of these units. However, if you consider the money and energy savings they may be worth the investment.

Noise – Not all pellet heating units are quiet. They can expel a low rumble consistently. If a little noise isn’t a bother to you then this isn’t an issue.

Repair and Maintenance – Since these units have mechanical parts (unlike fireplaces) they require regular maintenance. When they are not properly maintained it is likely you will need to have more repairs.

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